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Book the Music Studio

Premium studio facility private in the most desirable spot in town.

Minimum booking: 4 hours

Max studio occupancy: 10 people

Studio hours: Always available 24/7

Accepts bookings: Same day accepted



Full Kitchen, Full Lounge w TV. Microwave Fridge, Bathroom, Private Parking.

Main equipment


Neve 1073, Tube Tech CL1B, Universal Audio Apollo 8, Pro Tools HDX Ultimate Neumann U87, Sony C800G, Fab Filter suite, Waves, UAD, Sound Toys, Antares Auto Tune Pro, Melodyne, SSL XRack, Focal Trio be monitors, 18inch Subwoofer and Sofited UK Made Quested Monitors,
70inch TVs in all rooms with Netflix and Apple TV.

BGE Music

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