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Tips and Tricks to Fix Download on Sky Q Not Working Issue

And according to recent reports, many say they are having issues downloading programs. People say when they try to download any program on their Sky Q and Sky+ Hd boxes, they are getting a download failed error.

download on sky q not working

Fortunately, a Sky employee has acknowledged the issue and shared a workaround for Sky Q and Sky+ HD customers who are facing the download failed error that involves downloading the content using the Sky Go app.

@Me+and+him it sounds like you have a download that hasn't fully downloaded for 1 reason or another go into recordings and check for any recordings that are either showing a percentage of being downloaded or are showing as failed ,if you have any delete them.

For the last few weeks downloads aren't downloading. They sit in the queue. If multiple items waiting then they flicker between Queued & downloading (0%). ive tried clearing the queue. Clearing deleted recordings. Done the turn on/off and also reset settings. very frustrating. Any ideas greatfully received...

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Just managed to get a bbc program to download. But the wire is not. It shows up in 'continue' even though there is nothing in recordings (as does another program - dancing on ice from stv). Not sure if there's a way to remove items from continue that don't have a recording?

Sorry I can't really offer any advice regarding getting your downloads to work as you seem to have tried the things I would suggest (e.g. clear queue, power down restarts) - although, if you havent done so a power don restart of your router

tried rebooting the router - tho somewhat not expecting much since some items seem to download fine. Alas, nothing changed. I guess I need to call sky? Tho fear they'll just take the sledgehammer approach and want to factory reset or replace the box

I have started having the very same issue, I have tried downloading the first episode of The Idol and the first episode of Hold the front page both say Downloading 0% and if try to download both at same time the first says the 0% and the second says Queued and nothing else happens, tried everything I can find to do online but nothing working.

Try clearing all your deleted programmes, for me it's in - Recordings > Most Recent > Manage > Deleted Programmes. Then switch it off and on, if it still won't download, switch it off and on again until it will (I did it two or three times).

I've had an issue with downloads failing. After an online chat with sky, they told me about the cgnat issues with ipv4, and advised me to change DNS back to ISP provided ones, which I think will make no difference whatsoever. I'm now asking my ISP if they are using cgnat.

Until today, downloads working fine. Now cannot download anything. Shows 0% and won't budge. I have cleared deleted items, restarted, changed dns, storage not full. Please help? This is not acceptable from Sky if there is no recognised fix.

Hi there. I've been encountering a problem today regarding downloads. No matter the program, it remains stuck at 0% for about a minute before the download then fails. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you fix it please?

To reboot press Standby on your Sky Q remote (if the box responds to the remote), and then switch off and unplug at the mains.Wait at least 30 secs and then Plug back in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains.Wait for the on screen instructions to disappear and the front led to turn Amber. Then wait for 30 secs before you press Home on your Sky Q remote or if this is not working press the standby button on the front of the Q box (Amber led)note: some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.

If you have just turned on your TV to find that Sky On Demand has stopped working, you are probably looking for a quick fix to solve all of your problems. We can understand why this would be an issue, and we are going to do our best to help you to solve it.

After you have restarted your Sky box, if you still cannot use the Video On Demand service, then you will need to have a look at the settings for download options to make sure that everything is right.

Sky Go is available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops/desktops. You can download it free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store. In addition, sky Go is available on select gaming consoles such as Xbox series X and PlayStation 5. Finally, apps are available on your television via Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV. You can also find complete device compatibility details on the Sky Help page.

The problem is that the Sky Q box reports that I have problems with broadband connectivity and many of the network based interactive services do not work, although I can download firmware updates and also trigger video downloads from the Sky website. I can also access YouTube (lucky me).

I am computer literate but networking was not my field and I claim no expertise in network management, so this may seem a naive or even dumb question. I have set the system up with the firewall set to drop all except for the wizard-defined rules for web browsing and pop3. I am working on the assumption that nothing originating in the outer darkness should be allowed into my network and that, if I get it set up correctly, more or less nothing should be dropped on its way out as anything which is dropped would indicate unexpected connections were being attempted. Is this a reasonable and achievable goal or am I making life unnecessarily difficult for myself?

Bittorrent has proved the biggest challenge so far, in that it is the only thing which can legitimately originate from outside my network. I have it working by following a couple of guides I found on these boards. The challenge is to understand precisely what I have done.

Unlike Sky Box Sets and other on-demand TV you do not download Netflix shows or movies to your Sky Q box. There isn't much point, to be honest, and streaming saves your storage space for recordings and other downloaded content from elsewhere. It works like the other streaming apps on the Sky Q box.

Customers of the Sky Q TV platform have, for the past few weeks, been reporting sporadic problems when attempting to download programs to their set-top-box (e.g. intermittent failed downloads with their On Demand content), which seems to occur regardless of whether users are on a Sky Broadband connection or a different ISP.

I have SoGEA/VDSL from Zest4 and have had problems with my Sky Q on-demand downloads for a fortnight. Often, changing the DNS on the Sky boxes temporarily fixes the problem for an episode or two, then it just fails again, eventually.

The solution I was steered towards is to disable dynamic advertising preferences in the My Sky app. The problem occurs with one of the servers that the tailored advertising is supplied from. Since I disabled this my downloads have been fine.

This is all very interesting, I often download on a SkyHD box and never had the issue. A lot here have spoken of their internet connection via Wifi where mine is an ethernet cable into router and I am not on a Sky broadband connection.

Same problem for me. This is another in a long list of failings with Sky Q that have been reported. Come to the conclusion that their equipment is generally of very poor quality and very unreliable. Anything downloading via the Sky Q platform seems to cause problems but all ok when going direct e.g Prime or Netflix

After 10 failed attempts to download a programme last night (via the box and Sky Go), I rang Sky. I was told that the problem has been fixed. Sky re-paired my Sky Q card. I was asked to attempt a further download. Two failed attempts later, the Sky Q rep has decided to escalate the problem. Perhaps ISPReview could press Sky for an update.

Sky Q is the British broadcast premium TV service, offering HDR 4K video playback with a slick modern interface, multi-box multi-room streaming, Dolby Atmos audio and integrated online services like Netflix, YouTube and Apple TV Plus. It's also got an extensive mobile component, not only letting you program recordings on-the-go, but take your recorded shows with you on mobile devices as downloads too.

The most recent update to Sky Q brings Apple TV Plus to the service. This is a very welcome addition, particularly as Apple's streaming app isn't guaranteed to make an appearance on your smart TV, and you can't download it to your Android phone, either. As such, a Sky Q box or Sky Glass smart TV could now be the easiest and most cost-effective way to access the unique shows and movies Apple TV Plus offers.

Being able to transfer your recordings to your smart device is a feature that many have been seeking for years. Catch-up TV and streaming have been around for a long time on multiple services and Sky Go Extra allowed you to go a step further and download an amount of TV and films to your device to watch offline.

You can watch your rental on any device that has the Apple TV app and is signed in with your Apple ID. After you've downloaded your rental on one device, you can stream the rental on another device simultaneously.

If you can't play your rental, see if the rental is downloaded or streaming on another device. To download your rental on a different device, remove the rental from your device, then download the rental on the device where you want to watch it.

TV browser: If your Smart TV has a web browser, you may be able to stream our content that way, but it is not recommended, and we are unable to provide support. Most TV's run outdated versions of web browsers that are not secure, and do not let customers install newer or alternate versions. We continually update our software, therefore cannot guarantee that any web browser working now will continue to work in the future.

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