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Buy Buy Baby Customer Service Number [2021]

Contact Buy Buy Baby: Find below customer service details of Buy Buy Baby, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the company and its services. Reach the Buy Buy Baby customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

buy buy baby customer service number

Buy Buy Baby offers a price match guarantee. It will match prices of competitors, both retail and online. You could get a product at the same price mentioned on the competitor website. Speak to a customer service rep to know the terms and conditions. Also check out the ongoing offers to enjoy great savings on products.

Looking for baby registry? You can now create and manage a registry with ease on the Buy Buy Baby website. Also, if you are looking for gift cards, you can now present a physical gift card or order an egift card for those special occasions. For more information or queries on store locations, refund, cancellation, warranty or others, reach the Buy Buy Baby customer service via phone or email.

I am going to write a review regarding your customer service (which is, by far, the worst I have ever dealt with). There is an order that I placed online 5 days ago. Part of the order is still waiting for pick up from USPS. I tried calling your customer service line only to be placed on hold for 15 minutes (the wait time was stated it would be under 10 minutes). Then, the phone went silent for about 1 minute only to has an automated message ask me to rate my experience with the online rep that I never even spoke to. Really?

Hi,I want to register my dissatisfaction with your service. I went to your store in Woodbury Minnesota to purchase a baby crib n swing. The custom service staff place in the orders online and sent me the confirmation via email. This was since April 16,2022. I have been waiting for my shipment since then, only to be informed on Saturday that my order was canceled without any notification or refund. I hv been calling the inquiry line forever, buy to no avail. Buybuy baby, this is a real poor customer service on your behalf. My baby is due in few days and I am yet to receive his bed nor get someone from your office to attend to me.

buybuy BABY was founded in 1996 and has been growing ever since. In 2007, we were acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond, and now there are more than 100 buybuy BABY locations across the U.S. We are committed to delivering an exceptional selection of products with an unparalleled commitment to customer service to make sure you and your baby are ready for all the adventures ahead.

Below we tabulate the final results from our research. Note that we update this list every month, in response to changing terms and conditions of each registry, and in response to changing experiences in our community of parents. After our comparison table, we give in-depth reviews of the best baby registries we found, using five primary criteria for selection: range of available items, competitive prices, fast shipping, perks, easy returns, and overall customer service experience.

Amazon has the largest selection of products on earth! Looking for full nursery sets? Got it. Gliders? Got em. Dressers, changing tables, cribs, toys, small appliances, books? No problem. You can add anything to your Amazon baby registry, from a small set of receiving blankets to large furniture items, all at extremely competitive prices and with fast shipping (free with Amazon Prime or if spending over $49). Moms who used the Amazon baby registry loved that they could get anything under one roof, and didn't have to make several baby registries to cover all the different things they wanted. They also reported that Amazon customer service was excellent and the return or exchange process (within 365 days) was free and easy, and the gift giver does NOT find out that the gift was returned or exchanged (you can get Amazon credit to use toward other things). There are also a few other great features. First, Amazon uses what's called a universal baby registry, which means that if there is something you can't find on Amazon, you can add a button to your browser that will allow you to add products to your registry from any other website you want. For instance, if you find something at Buy Buy Baby that you can't get at Amazon, you can add that item to your Amazon registry with a click of a button. Second, they offer a substantial completion discount of 10-15%. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you'll qualify for the full 15% discount; otherwise, you'll get the default 10% discount. The completion discount is eligible on remaining baby registry items within 60 days of the baby's due date (before it or after it), for up to $2000 worth of items (this limit can be hit in one purchase, or divided into two purchases).

In terms of negatives, if your friends and family buy baby registry items in-store, moms report that the return and exchange process (up to 365 days after purchase) is easy and fast, and the customer service folks are usually very easy to deal with. However, if the items are purchased online, some parents report difficulty with returns. We tried a few online purchases recently and didn't run into any issues with returns; there was an easy online return processing system, with easy prepaid label shipping. Like Amazon, Target also offers a completion discount of 15% off items remaining in your baby registry within 8 weeks of your due date. That discount is 5% higher than the basic Amazon discount (without signing up for Amazon Prime), and starts 2 weeks sooner than the Amazon discount. However, keep in mind that the Amazon prices on many items might actually be lower, and 2-day shipping is free with Amazon Prime, so the net cost might be similar. Also, Target sells many items online only, which some moms report can make in-store returns difficult or impossible (though this is less of an issue with a pandemic!). To learn more about creating a Target baby registry, click here.

Like Buy Buy Baby, there is a 15% discount on remaining items available in the store, which is offered 60 days prior to the expected arrival date. The majority of baby products available on the Babylist website have free shipping for over $45. But if you add products to your registry from other sites, you are bound to the shipping policies of those sites. This is store-specific; wherever the gift is purchased, that is the gift-wrapping policy you are bound to. So it's unlikely, but you might luck out. There are some additional perks to the Babylist registry worth mentioning: The free Hello Baby Box welcome gift for qualified new registrants, the ability to add "help & favors" rather than just products - need babysitting, dog sitting, home-cooked meals? Put them on your registry! Want to start saving for college? Ask for gifts for your baby-to-be's college fund! Parents without paid parental leave also find the cash fund helpful to offset the strain of taking unpaid leave. You are also able to ask for hand-me-downs like books & clothing. Extensive resource and guide section, including sample registries and a lifestyle quiz to help you select what is best for your family. Their customer service is also great, and their "Happiness Heroes" are available via email, chat, and phone to help you build your registry and to help less tech-savvy gift-givers make online purchases! New for last year is Babylist group gifting! When you add an item to your registry, you can now choose to enable group gifting and customize the funding goal. Group gifting at Babylist is only on eligible items in the Babylist store; when we tested the function, it seemed like most items could be group gifted, especially the more expensive ones (cribs, car seats, etc). To learn more about the Babylist registry, click here.

Did you know that Buy Buy Baby is the baby version of Bed, Bath, & Beyond? You might be wondering why you should care. Well, you know those 20% off coupons you get in the mail but rarely use? You can use those at Buy Buy Baby, giving you a potential discount much larger than some of the other baby registry options (but this is only eligible for a single item). Don't get those coupons? Sign up here at Bed Bath and Beyond and they will send you a coupon via email the next day (they'll also send one to your house). Also, when you load the buybuyBaby registry page for the first time, it will usually prompt you to enter your email to get the 20% coupon right in your inbox. In our experience, Buy Buy Baby offers a slightly larger selection than BabyList, and tends to have excellent customer service (as do most registries on this list). Though gift wrapping is an added fee when using the website, Buy Buy Baby does provide free wrapping paper and tape in the store (and the stores are back open as of September 2020!) so you can wrap your own gift purchases. Of course, BuyBuy Baby doesn't have anywhere near as many locations as Target or Walmart, though most shopping is being done online nowadays given current world events. Their prices can run a bit higher than some other stores, though they do price match with other sites or stores, so keep that in mind!

BuyBuy Baby does have a good completion discount (15%), and they will send it to you a couple of weeks before your baby's due date. This is new - the BuyBuy Baby completion discount used to start on your due date, so this is a nice new perk. One common trick is to simply shift your due date earlier by a few weeks when you sign up, to give yourself more time to purchase some final things before your new family member arrives. They also recently updated their policy to include free shipping for items over $39 (used to be $99, then $49, and now $39). As of last year, BuyBuyBaby also includes a group gifting feature that allows several gift-givers to contribute a small portion of a relatively expensive gift. Moms report that the return process is easy, and customer service is generally excellent. The only real drawback is that this is not a universal registry, you are limited to the products available at buybuyBaby and Bed Bath & Beyond; of course, now that Babies R Us is gone, they have the largest in-store baby selection in the world! To learn more about the Buy Buy Baby registry, click here. 041b061a72

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