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[S1E1] Secrets BETTER

In fact, as expected with rich families, all the Warners seem to have a heck of a lot of secrets. Did anyone else think their mother was dead? Apparently she isn't, but to the other two Warner siblings she may as well be.

[S1E1] Secrets


The more we found out about Kate, the easier it was to believe that she really was killed. The woman has a heck of a lot of secrets! I was shocked to find out that she previously had a child, because she seemed so excited about Eric and her having one. I'm talking, first time mother excited.

Under the watchful eye of inscrutable Homicide Detective Ian Cornielle, Ben's quiet suburban life begins to unravel. Ben struggles to deal with the fact that he's the prime suspect in Thom's murder. And that people believe he could be guilty. At his wits' end, Ben begins a journey to expose the killer; a journey that will uncover the ugly secrets and lies behind the seemingly benign veneer of Blackwood Crescent.

All episodes in Shredder's Revenge, except for the last one, have secrets and collectibles to find, and this guide will show players where to get the first two collectibles in Episode 1: Jaw-Breaking News.

And that's all the secrets to be found in the first episode of Shredder's Revenge. To fully complete the level, make sure to complete the in-game challenges in the menu, which involve not getting hit once and performing combos.

But then towards the end of Tell Me Your Secrets S1E1 Emma finds Jess dead in her cabin hideout on the water. We think of the story Jess told her about swamp monsters and the secrets she was clearly keeping. We think about the necklace that she gave to Emma and how she was chastised for giving away this talisman of protection. Is it somehow that? Are there really (supernatural) monsters in the world of Tell Me Your Secrets, or only those monsters that are also men like John at least used to be?

It is now the morning of November 4th, 2019 and we are given a quick glimpse of the Winden Caves. A shot of the gaping mouth of the caves is enough to provide a sense of early foreboding and we the viewer feel ourselves pulled towards this mouth. What secrets lurk in the caves and subterranean passages of forests both real and mythical?

BLOWING UP HISTORY investigates the secrets of the 2500-year old Acropolis - the pinnacle of Ancient Greek engineering. We uncover the mysteries of how it was built and what it looked like, answering questions that still baffle engineers and archaeologists today. 041b061a72

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