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Create Your Own Rainy Mood Playlist: Download Music Rain from Various Genres and Artists

The latest offering from The DRR, Spark is a collection of songs culled from their live shows. As such the couple decided to record this collection as if performing a show. No headphones, click tracks or overdubs were harmed in this process. What you get on Spark is the couple in their natural state.10 originals and 4 covers; 2 vocals and 2 guitars; 1 couple committed to each other and the music they get to share.

"Magnolia is the debut effort from New Orleans based Sweet Jones. From the upbeat rhythms, tight guitar licks and harmonies that float like the bayou mist mixed into a gumbo of blues, roots rock, folk and Americana, Magnolia is a pretty strong first outing for the husband and wife duo Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio. There's a real synergy between these two and Magnolia reflects an honesty and sincerity for the music they've created here. Hope displaces despair, love conquers loss and life springs eternal in what is essentially a love letter to each other and a cool summer album for the rest of us." - The Alternate Root

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El D's debut self titled EP displaying a wide scope of styles and influences in six songs. All born out of the blues and reaching in different directions. The record was tracked live with a core trio of guitar, bass and drums at the DeOrazio's home in New Orleans, allowing the band to really take their time and have fun playing the songs without the the constraints of time and money. The band is especially excited about and grateful to the guests that contributed their time and considerable talent to the songs. Keith Burnstein is an accomplished songwriter and keyboard player and good friend of El D's and they've performed many times together in each other's bands as well as on other bands gigs. Raul Gomez is another good friend of El D's and an accopmplished conductor and violinst in the classical world. He currently plays violin for the LPO as well as guest conducting orchestras in the New Orleans region. Another good friend is Greg Speck on accordion. El D and Greg have played many gigs together in other bands. Greg comes to New Orleans from upstate New York where he still leads one of the few Cajun/zydeco bands in that area. He excels at Cajun/zydeco styles accordion in addition to Eastern European styles. Lee Johnson spent a day and a half in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, so naturally El D put his little brother to work recording an extraordinary sax part for Baby What You Do. Lee is a very accomplished sax/ keyboard player in North Carolina where he leads his own band. El D did the final mix and mastering with Michael Seaman at Listen Up Studios in New Orleans.

Some of these songs have been absorbed into their current set lists, having undergone new arrangements and re-writes. The remainder of the songs have been retired, but are still great recordings of songs the couple are very proud to share.It represents a snapshot of a time in their life after a year and a half of working together, developing this material live, and cementing their relationship as peer musicians, just prior to discovering and developing their deeper connection as a couple.

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This contemporary lyrical work gets away from the typical ballad written for bands at this level. Instead, thick harmonies and wonderful textures become the canvas of this amazingly artistic work that is quite approachable for young bands, yet very appropriate for mature bands as well. Striking musical moments and subtle effects may actually make this the most memorable piece on your program. Inspirational!

Welcome to Rainy Mood, the internet's most popular rain experience.Millions of people use Rainy Mood while sleeping, studying, and relaxing.Enjoy the free web version, or try the iOS/Android app with additional features.

Free activities will run from Thursday, June 13 until the end of the festival (June 16), and range from morning meditation classes soundtracked by live music, sound baths, breathing exercises and more.

When I wish to write the right music for that movie (game), I wouldn't get better than he (Normand Corbeil) did.The only thing now is to really thank that great composer who did live the game with his magic music.Thank s Norman.r.i.p.

This amazing pack of 4 peaceful night rain sound effects is a great selection to use in a variety of film projects. From city atmospheres, video games or even documentaries, create a beautiful and realistic nighttime scene.

Add detailed rain-falling sounds to your next nature film, night shots or indoor scenes with a dramatic outdoor background. With 3 variations, this sound can be easily used within a dramatic scene to create a strong emotional connection and pure realism.

With crisp and clear sounds of rain, storm and thunder, the Rain Background Noise offers 3 different intensities to be used at any time of the day or season. This can be great for a podcast or live reading sessions online where you might want to add some drama.

Looking to add a touch of darker and cold rain ambient sounds to your horror film scenes? The Rain and Storm Ambience is a great fit with 3 different edits that include walking elements and a howling mountain atmosphere.

The classic cold night when a new scary character enters the scene is made perfect with heavy rain and thunder sound effects. Featuring 3 different short to long-form variations, this sound effect pack is a must-have for editors that work on animations and gaming videos.

This rain sound effect is focused more on drops falling and hitting rainwater pipes. Use it as background sound for smaller scenes at the back of the house or a meeting at the park. Definitely a good option for commercials and animations.

Starting with a lightning strike and thunder, this rain sound effect fits perfectly for powerful stormy weather scenes. Perfect ambiance track for a horror movie or thriller chase through the forest. With 3 variations, easily mix and match the sounds for the perfect sound effect!

If you are looking for a great pack of rain sound effects, the Rain Before The Storm offers you 6 great realistic options. The tracks go from calm, quiet rain to thunder and winds and can be used in different movie scenes and settings.

The Thunder Rumbling sound effect is a perfect way to add ambient storm roars to your rainy footage and signal a change of scene coming. Featuring the lightning hits accompanied by flash noises, it can also be used for logo intros or other transitions.

Create the perfect detail for your indoor scenes using the Rain From Indoor collection. From louder sounds close to the window to quieter rain sound effects for interior home scenes. This SFX pack will easily enhance your projects.

For your upcoming creative nature projects, this pack of 4 originally recorded thunder SFX is a great resource to download. All the sound selections are accompanied by rain element sounds and warnings about severe weather.

From wind and storm to rain, lightning, rumblings and thunder, this pack of 3 weather SFX is a must in your arsenal. With a softer tone, they fit perfectly as a background for animations, nature scenes, documentaries or horror films.

Shooting in a colder location known for thunderstorms? Do you have a flooding scene that needs something a little extra? Use this pack of thunder and rain sound effects to recreate a more realistic scene with bad weather.

With long, medium and short versions, this pack of stormy rain sound effects will help you easily create your own unique atmosphere in many different scenes. From nature documentaries to audiobooks, Stormy Weather is a great background rain effects track.

Create an atmosphere of a colder fall night with the Strong Rain track. This long continuous sound effect is perfect for longer scenes featuring rain, heavy rain and downpour. You can easily mix and cut the different sounds to shift between scenes.

If some of your summer shots also have cloudy footage, you might like the Summer Rainy Day track. With 3 different variations, from light rain sound effects to louder thunder and rain sound effects, you definitely need to include it in your editing arsenal.

Do you have umbrella props for your scene under the rain? Then you will definitely need the Rain City Under Umbrella collection of 4 rain sound effects. Enhance your scene with these distinct sounds and create your best work yet.

Recorded from various distances and locations within the house, this pack of 3 variations includes natural sound effects for your animations, film projects and even games. It also includes rain hitting on car windows, useful for many scenarios.

This pack of 4 softer variations of rain hitting an umbrella is perfect if you have close-up scenes requiring more detail. You can also use these rain sound effects for scenes with camping tents or wedding events. Easily use it in both summer and autumn atmospheres!

Foley and sound design work truly make or breaks a scene. Most scenes use a combination of field recordings and ambient sounds, which means you need to find a good library, like Motion Array or Artlist, to easily enhance your film quality. These rain sound effects will help make your love, fight scenes or nature documentaries grab attention. Not only that, sound effects fill aural voids and make your scenes feel more natural and realistic.

I needed this kind of plugin for my projects, le sound create audiorain but is very expensive just for rain, this is free but you can control only volume and pan. But I found this =a6pwNi5SuxY&t=11s for NI kontakt sampler, look much better than this frre vst.

what the #### are you talking about? check the meds einstein; you don't need youtube for anything. you do however apparently need google drive, and I do think it should be just available directly on the site as a download vs jumping through the hoops, but hey, it's free.

So to bring you this level of depth and meaning to your music, we travelled to several unique locations with professional equipment to get premium real-world recordings that will bring your songs to life.

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