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7.1. If You have any questions, requests or would like to receive additional information regarding the processing of Your information, You can contact us via

In the case of Binomo, there is an actual website and that is where anyone who seeks information about the platform needs to go to get acquainted with the platform or start trading. Not only is there a website, there is also a mobile application on iOS and Android OS which affords more mobile users the opportunity to trade.

Binomo is the modern way for many in India to trade online. And this is not only an opportunity to usefully spend time, but also to legit invest and get extra profit. The review will tell why Indian traders choose and why it is not a fraud (also detailed as Wikipedia articles).

Secondly, in the review it is also worth mentioning that is a trading platform that is represented in more than 130 countries around the world and has been operating for over 6 years. And this is a long time, which clearly confirms that Binomo is not a scam. But we will analyze this point in more detail later.

Like any reliable platform, Binomo is always in touch with its traders. Users can contact the support team around the clock via the chat on the website or ask a question by email Binomo specialists are ready to answer traders in more than 13 languages, including English and Hindi. And there is no bot on Binomo, real people answer all questions.

Hopefully the review has fully explained what Binomo is and how it works. And also that you have no doubts about whether Binomo is legal and safe in India. Agree that the platform is an unique opportunity to trade online for a minimum investment of $5. In addition, is regulated by trusted independent organizations. However, you need to be aware of the risks of trading, improve your skills and trade wisely. 041b061a72

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