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Mac Laptop Prices Best Buy 'LINK'

Through Upgrade+, customers can apply for financing to purchase a new Mac laptop with affordable payments spread across 36 months before deciding if they want to upgrade to a newer device in month 37.1 For example, Upgrade+ allows customers to finance a Mac laptop from $19.99/month1 for 36 months and the $280.35 final payment is due in month 37. Based on an original price of $999.99.

mac laptop prices best buy

The latest Mac lineup of laptops, powered by Apple silicon, takes performance, power efficiency, battery life, and capabilities to new heights. MacBook Air provides power and portability with its thin and light design, incredible performance, Retina display, and up to 18 hours of battery life. For more demanding workflows, MacBook Pro delivers even more breakthrough performance, graphics and machine learning capabilities, along with a Liquid Retina XDR display, 1080p camera and advanced audio and connectivity.

Dave Gershgorn has reviewed and covered technology since 2015 at publications such as Popular Science, Quartz, Medium, and now Wirecutter. He has also built, repaired, and largely avoided frying his own computers since 2006. At Wirecutter, he tests laptops, monitors, and tablets.

Andrew Cunningham is a former senior staff writer on Wirecutter's tech team. He has been writing about laptops, phones, routers, and other tech since 2011. Before that he spent five years in IT fixing computers and helping people buy the best tech for their needs. He also co-hosts the book podcast Overdue and the TV podcast Appointment Television.

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Gamers shouldn't be ashamed to buy a pre-built PC if they don't know how to build a PC from scratch. Top brands such as HP, Lenovo, and Alienware have rolled out gaming PCs, so you wouldn't have to worry about reliability. If you're interested but you're not sure where to start, we've got your back -- we've rounded up some of the best gaming PC deals that are online right now. Whether you're interested in an entry-level gaming desktop to enjoy free-to-play games or a top-of-the-line gaming machine to pair with the best 4K gaming monitors, at least one of these offers will surely catch your eye.Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 with RTX 3050 -- $900, was $1,300

The $999 MacBook Air uses Apple's original M1 processor, which promises speedy performance on everyday tasks. Meanwhile, the most current 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops come with your choice of M1 Pro or M1 Max chips for serious content creation needs. Finally, the latest MacBook Air (2022) and 13-inch MacBook Pro (2022) come with the newest M2 processor.

Below are our choices for the best MacBooks for each user, from the generalist to the power-hungry creative professional. Each laptop has gone through the full PCMag testing process, and following our picks is a detailed buyer's guide that answers common questions.

Apple's smallest laptop is the MacBook Air, newly redesigned for 2022. It's a slim, sleek machine that measures just 0.44 inches across and weighs just 2.7 pounds. The latest MacBook Air heavily adopts the newest MacBook Pro design, with uniform thinness, an improved Magic Keyboard, a larger 16:10 screen (thanks to the display notch), MagSafe charging, and more.

But the 13-inch MacBook Pro does have that extreme battery life. Although all Mac laptops last for a long time away from an outlet, the 13-inch Pro lasts for nearly 22 hours in our video rundown test. That qualifies it as the longest-lasting MacBook Pro, though the 2020 MacBook Air has it beat at 29 hours.

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops are also obvious choices for professionals who plan to connect peripherals like external monitors or transfer data using SD cards. Both include a full-size HDMI port and an SD card reader, setting them apart from the USB-C/Thunderbolt-only MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple frequently releases new Mac laptop models and updates old ones. Several new models could hit before the end of 2022, so if you're fine waiting for the latest and greatest, it might be worth delaying your purchase until the typical fall announcements happen. And if you're not sure if a MacBook Air or Pro is your thing, also take a look at our roundup of the best laptops overall.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Best Buy is offering a first-of-its-kind upgrade program called Upgrade+ powered by Citizens Pay, making it easy and affordable for customers to experience and upgrade to the latest Mac laptops with Apple silicon, including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Best Buy today announced a new financing and upgrade program called "Upgrade+." The program involves a combination of interest-free financing through Citizens Pay and an option to upgrade to a new Mac laptop after three years.

As an example, Best Buy cites a base M1 MacBook Air priced at $999.99. Through the Upgrade+ program, a customer can pay $19.99 per month for 36 months toward the machine. At the end of 36 months, the user has the option to make the remaining $280.35 payment and keep the machine, return the machine and leave the program, or upgrade to a new Mac laptop. If they return the machine, either to leave the program or upgrade to a new Mac, no final payment is required.

Best Buy says the Upgrade+ program will also help to reduce e-waste, as Mac laptops returned at the end of the program will find their way to Best Buy's other programs for giving used machines second lives.

The latest M2 MacBooks (opens in new tab) are a real force to be reckoned with, but we think the MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models with their M2 Pro and M2 Max hardware are still the best MacBooks for photo editing. They can be specced with a whopping 96GB RAM, while their ultra-bright Liquid Retina XDR displays are truly stunning. The 16-inch version is the pick of the pair, offering a more comfortable screen size than its smaller siblings, although at a bigger price.

As rumors persist that Apple is looking to introduce a hardware subscription service, Best Buy has partnered with finance firm Citizens Pay to do it. The new Upgrade+ service is specifically meant to finance Mac laptop computers for monthly fee.

Instead of buying their laptop in that 37th month, however, users can return the machine and continue in the program with a new one. Of course, if an upgrade option is chosen, monthly prices will be higher.

Actually, it makes sense to just lease it because we keep upgrading every few years. What's the point of having a laptop outright if you just keep upgrading your new hardware every two years to get ahead? You can always buy it full with partial payment if you decide to keep it.

Apple also still sells the 2020 Air, powered by the M1 processor, starting at $1,000. It lacks some of the improvements of the M2 Air, such as a better webcam, but is still a powerful and worthwhile laptop.

Desktop computers usually offer more bang for the buck than laptops in terms of power and performance. Their use of a dedicated mouse, keyboard, and display may also make them a compelling option ergonomically.

The MacBook Air M1 of 2020 was (and still is) considered one of the best MacBooks you can get. Its ultraportable, thin, and beautiful design, combined with its excellent performance, makes it a wise choice for creators, freelancers, or those who just want to have fun with their laptops.

This laptop is still a good choice if you need an expansive screen, want to run Windows apps on your Mac, need the fastest MacBook with Intel processors, or need a laptop that can be used with as many as four external 4K monitors.

Refurbished MacBooks are a great way to save money so long as you choose a reputable seller with a professional restoring process. Here is where RefurbMe comes into play to help you understand which merchant offers the best deal.

Once you start looking for deals, it's easy to get "deal blindness." That's when you end up spending a few hundred dollars more for more storage space, or getting a MacBook Pro instead of a MacBook just because you found a good deal on the Pro. Remember, the best deal available isn't necessarily the perfect choice for you.

These two reminders are crucial because the moment you see deals, you'll be tempted to spend a little extra or buy more than what you need. But the smart shopper knows that the laptop itself isn't the only part of the MacBook experience. Instead, you could spend that money on other items like the AppleCare extended warranty.

If you buy a new laptop, you certainly won't want to see a new model released a week after your purchase. Thankfully, Apple is generally quite predictable when it comes to new MacBook releases, so it's easy to predict when the new model will hit shelves.

Thus, if returns and the warranty are concerns for you, buying in-store gives the best peace of mind. However, you'll get a great discount on Apple's online store if you are a student or work at a company that is part of the Apple Employee Purchase Program.

MacPrices gathers the latest prices from all authorized Apple resellers. This makes it the perfect way to compare prices, check what add-ons you get, discover any uncommon conditions you should be aware of, and whether the seller will charge sales tax on top of the noted price. That last one is important, as it raises your purchase price significantly.

Apple laptops famously withstand the test of time. It's well-known that MacBooks hold their resale value because of this, so it's safer to buy a refurbished or used MacBook compared to other laptops. Generally, your options come down to one of three choices.

Buy from Apple's official refurbished store: Apple takes faulty MacBooks returned by owners, fixes them up, and sells them as refurbished units. Since they're not brand-new laptops, they come with a discount that puts them at 10-20 percent lower than the retail price. These refurbished units are tested extensively and Apple guarantees they will work as efficiently as a new model. They're also backed by a one-year warranty. 041b061a72

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