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Khakee: The Ultimate Cop Thriller Movie in Hindi Dubbed

Khakee Hindi Dubbed Telugu Movie: A Review

If you are looking for a gripping and entertaining movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Khakee, a Hindi dubbed version of the Telugu movie Sathyam. This movie is a perfect blend of action, drama, romance, and comedy, with a powerful story and stellar performances. In this article, we will review Khakee and tell you why you should watch it, how to watch it, and what to expect from it.

Khakee hindi dubbed telugu movie

What is Khakee?

Khakee is a 2008 Telugu movie directed by A.R. Rajasekar and starring Vishal Krishna, Nayantara, and Upendra. It was dubbed in Hindi and released as Khakee in 2010. The movie revolves around the life of Sathyam, a honest and brave police officer who faces various challenges and dangers in his quest to uphold justice and law.

The plot of Khakee

The movie begins with Sathyam (Vishal) being appointed as the assistant commissioner of police in Hyderabad. He is determined to eradicate crime and corruption from the city, but he faces opposition from his seniors and politicians who are involved in illegal activities. He also has to deal with his personal life, as he falls in love with Deiva (Nayantara), a journalist who works for a TV channel.

Things take a turn when Sathyam is assigned to investigate the kidnapping of a child by a notorious gangster named Chandan Mahto (Upendra). Sathyam soon realizes that Chandan is not just a criminal, but also a powerful political leader who has the support of the masses. Sathyam decides to take on Chandan head-on, but he has to pay a heavy price for his courage and honesty. He faces threats, attacks, betrayals, and losses as he pursues Chandan across Bihar.

Will Sathyam be able to catch Chandan and bring him to justice? Will he be able to protect his love and his family from Chandan's wrath? Will he be able to survive the deadly chase and the moral battle? These are some of the questions that Khakee answers in a thrilling and satisfying manner.

The cast and crew of Khakee

The movie boasts of a talented and experienced cast and crew who have done justice to their roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the main members of the team:

  • Vishal Krishna as Sathyam: Vishal is a popular Telugu actor who has also worked in Tamil and Malayalam movies. He is known for his action-oriented roles and his versatility. He has delivered a convincing and impressive performance as Sathyam, showing his physical prowess, emotional depth, and charisma.

  • Nayantara as Deiva: Nayantara is one of the leading actresses in South Indian cinema, who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi movies. She is known for her beauty, talent, and professionalism. She has portrayed Deiva with grace and charm, bringing out her intelligence, courage, and love.

  • Upendra as Chandan Mahto: Upendra is a renowned actor, director, producer, screenwriter, lyricist, and singer who works primarily in Kannada cinema. He is known for his unconventional and experimental movies that have a cult following among the fans. He has played Chandan Mahto with finesse and flair, showing his charisma, menace, and humor.

  • A.R. Rajasekar as the director: A.R. Rajasekar is a cinematographer and director who has worked in Tamil and Telugu movies. He has directed Khakee with skill and vision, creating a fast-paced and engaging movie that balances action, emotion, and comedy.

  • Harris Jayaraj as the music director: Harris Jayaraj is a famous music composer who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam movies. He has composed the music for Khakee, which consists of five songs and a background score. The songs are catchy and melodious, while the background score is apt and thrilling.

The reception and awards of Khakee

The movie was well-received by the critics and the audience alike, who praised the story, the direction, the performances, the music, and the action sequences. The movie was also a commercial success, grossing over Rs. 25 crore at the box office. The movie won several awards and nominations, such as:





Filmfare Awards South

Best Actor - Telugu

Vishal Krishna


Filmfare Awards South

Best Actress - Telugu



Filmfare Awards South

Best Villain - Telugu



Nandi Awards

Best Villain



Nandi Awards

Best Stunt Master

Kanal Kannan


Why watch Khakee?

If you are still wondering why you should watch Khakee, here are some of the reasons that will convince you:

The action and thrill of Khakee

Khakee is a movie that will keep you hooked from the start to the end with its action-packed and thrilling scenes. The movie has some of the best chase sequences, fight scenes, shootouts, and explosions that will make your adrenaline rush. The movie also has some twists and turns that will keep you guessing and surprised. The movie does not compromise on the realism and logic of the action scenes, making them more believable and impactful.

The performances and chemistry of Khakee

Khakee is a movie that showcases the talent and chemistry of its lead actors, Vishal and Nayantara. They have delivered some of the best performances of their careers, portraying their characters with conviction and emotion. They have also shared a great chemistry on screen, making their romance sweet and realistic. Their scenes together are a treat to watch, as they display their humor, passion, and affection.

The message and relevance of Khakee

Khakee is a movie that has a strong message and relevance for the society. The movie highlights the importance of honesty, courage, duty, and justice in a world that is plagued by crime, corruption, violence, and injustice. The movie also shows the challenges and sacrifices that police officers face in their line of duty, and how they risk their lives to protect the people. The movie also raises questions about the role of media, politics, and public opinion in influencing the law and order situation.

How to watch Khakee?

If you are interested in watching Khakee, here are some of the ways that you can do so:

The availability and platforms of Khakee

Khakee is available on various platforms that you can access online or offline. You can watch Khakee on YouTube, where it has been uploaded by Goldmines Telefilms with Hindi audio and English subtitles. You can also watch Khakee on Zee5, where it is available with Hindi audio only. You can also buy or rent Khakee on Google Play Movies & TV or iTunes with Hindi audio only.

The quality and subtitles of Khakee

Khakee is a movie that has been made with high-quality production values and technical aspects. The movie has been shot with high-definition cameras and sound equipment, giving it a clear and crisp visual and audio quality. The movie has also been edited and color-graded well, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The movie has been dubbed in Hindi with good voice actors and dialogues, making it easy to understand and enjoy. The movie also has subtitles in English, which are accurate and synchronized, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The tips and warnings for watching Khakee

Khakee is a movie that you can watch with your friends and family, as it has something for everyone. However, there are some tips and warnings that you should keep in mind before watching Khakee:

  • Khakee is a movie that has a lot of action and violence, which may not be suitable for children or sensitive viewers. The movie also has some scenes of blood, gore, torture, and death, which may be disturbing or graphic. The movie also has some scenes of romance and intimacy, which may be inappropriate for some viewers. The movie also has some language and slang, which may be offensive or vulgar. Therefore, you should watch Khakee with discretion and parental guidance.

  • Khakee is a movie that has a long runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes, which may be tiring or boring for some viewers. The movie also has a complex and layered plot, which may be confusing or hard to follow for some viewers. The movie also has some cultural and regional references, which may be unfamiliar or irrelevant for some viewers. Therefore, you should watch Khakee with patience and attention.

  • Khakee is a movie that has a strong message and relevance, which may be inspiring or enlightening for some viewers. The movie also has some humor and comedy, which may be amusing or entertaining for some viewers. The movie also has some emotions and drama, which may be touching or moving for some viewers. Therefore, you should watch Khakee with an open mind and heart.


Khakee is a movie that is worth watching for its action, performances, music, and message. It is a movie that will keep you engaged, entertained, and enlightened. It is a movie that will make you appreciate the bravery and honesty of the police officers who fight for justice and law. It is a movie that will make you think about the role of media, politics, and public opinion in shaping the society. It is a movie that will make you feel the thrill, the romance, the humor, and the emotion of the characters. It is a movie that will make you say "Khakee rocks!"


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Khakee:

Q: Is Khakee based on a true story?

  • A: No, Khakee is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that is inspired by some real-life incidents and issues.

Q: Who sang the songs in Khakee?

  • A: The songs in Khakee were sung by various singers such as Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam, Karthik, Sunitha Sarathy, Tippu, Haricharan, Mahathi, Naveen Madhav, Premji Amaran, Ranjith Barot, and Suchitra. The lyrics were written by Bhuvana Chandra, Chandrabose, and Sahithi.

Q: What is the meaning of Khakee?

  • A: Khakee is a Hindi word that means "khaki", which is a color that is often associated with the uniforms of the police officers in India. It also symbolizes the dignity and duty of the police force.

Q: Where was Khakee shot?

  • A: Khakee was shot in various locations in India, such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Patna, and Bihar. Some of the scenes were also shot in Bangkok, Thailand.

Q: What is the sequel of Khakee?

  • A: Khakee does not have a sequel, but it has a spin-off movie called Salute, which was released in 2009. It stars Vishal Krishna and Nayantara again, but in different roles. It is also a cop thriller that deals with terrorism and corruption.


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