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To coincide with the single release, the website was launched. It features a visual presentation of "Happy" advertised as being "the world's first 24-hour music video." The video was directed by the French directing team We Are from LA[51] with creative director Yoann Lemoine,[52] and shot by steadicam operator Jon Beattie.[53] It consists of the four-minute song repeated multiple times, with various people dancing around Los Angeles and miming along. The website allows users to navigate to various points in the 24-hour timeframe, including all 360 four-minute segments.[54]


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I am very happy to report that Studio Ghibli Fest is back. These are films from the Japanese studio that makes all these beautiful animated films like My Neighbor Totoro, which I just saw, and also Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Ponyo. It's a Fathom Events series, so you can go on the Fathom Events website and see when these movies are playing in your town. I really recommend it, even if you've seen these movies a lot of times on DVD or whatever like I have, there's something really magical about seeing them on the big screen, especially if there's kids in the audience.

Perk up your day with a well-timed visit to Chili's and enjoy our enticing happy hour restaurant specials. Head to the bar, where we serve up tantalizing drink and food specials that can help slake your thirst and satisfy your snack cravings. We offer specials on select appetizers and bar drinks during Chili's Happy Hour, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors for a fraction of the price. Keep an eye on the offerings so you know when to drop in for special deals on your best-loved bites.

Dr. Lori Lawrenz is a psychologist at the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been a licensed psychologist for 20 years, with licenses in Missouri and Hawaii. Dr. Lawrenz is passionate about addressing trauma, shame, grief, and mental health issues to assist her clients to live more productive and happy lives.

late 14c., "lucky, favored by fortune, being in advantageous circumstances, prosperous;" of events, "turning out well," from hap (n.) "chance, fortune" + -y (2). Sense of "very glad" first recorded late 14c. Meaning "greatly pleased and content" is from 1520s. Old English had eadig (from ead "wealth, riches") and gesælig, which has become silly. Old English bliðe "happy" survives as blithe. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for "happy" at first meant "lucky." An exception is Welsh, where the word used first meant "wise."

Happy medium "the golden mean" is from 1702. Happy ending in the literary sense recorded from 1756. Happy as a clam (1630s) was originally happy as a clam in the mud at high tide, when it can't be dug up and eaten. Happy hunting ground, the reputed Native American paradise, is attested from 1840, American English. Happy day for "wedding day" is by 1739; happy hour for "early evening period of discount drinks and free hors-d'oeuvres at a bar" is by 1961, said to be 1950s. Rock-happy (1945) was U.S. Pacific theater armed forces slang for "mentally unhinged after too much time on one island." Related: Happier; happiest.

"I love everything about the HBC! I love how light and compact it is, as well as how versatile and comfortable! It fits my very large husband and me equally as well! I am grateful I can put it on and adjust it by myself and that it fits in my diaper bag too. We love the happy baby brand!"

Additionally, if you would like to share news with us, please be descriptive about it. Self posts are allowed on the basis that it is a truly happy event and put effort into writing it. Short or vague self posts will be removed as this dilutes the feed. 041b061a72

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