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Holly And The Hot Chocolate YIFY ((NEW))

Ilan Mitchell-Smith does not agree to sell chocolate for his parochial school. Because this is something that is absolutely voluntary, the wrath of the teachers and the upper-class gang called the Vigilants descend on him.There is something in every teen movie that strikes me as depressive; probably because most of the conflicts seem trivial in retrospect but earth-shaking at the moment. Add in the lack of girls at this school, and the mendacious way that teacher John Glover has of maintaining control, and you have something that smacks of Purgatory, with only graduation, transfer, or death offered as ways out.The performances are good, even though most of the students seem to be in their 20s.

Holly and the Hot Chocolate YIFY


" The Chocolate War " is a story which takes place in a private Catholic School and concerns itself with the secret goings-on within the religious hierarchy. Among the staff is Brother Leon (John Glover) an inwardly cruel, self-centered, vindictive poor excuse of a teacher. Yearly he holds the students accountable for raising the student activities' funds. In exchange for this suppliant behavior on their part, he allows them to hold court in a clandestine group call 'The Vigils.' The cell is structured from highest to lowest and overseen by a presiding president (Adam Balwin) and his secretary Archie Costello, (Wallace Langham). Both owe their power to Brother Leon who allows their childish behavior to ride roughshod over their lower classmates by assigning them to petty pranks. Enter Jerry Renault (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) a new student with deeply ingrained personal problems. Pressured by brother Leon, the boys are ordered to sell boxes of chocolates. Realizing it's a repetitive, yearly ritual, the entire student body reluctantly agrees to sell the sweets, all except Renault. His reason for refusal is difficult to explain but what begins as a outright refusal, becomes a test of wills, escalating into an true test of power. The decision made by Renault blossoms into a further problem when everyone realizes his decision to not participate could bring the traditional structure to it's knees. The movie itself is very slow to develop and at times downright boring. However there is salvation towards the end and the cast renders a good solution to an otherwise dull drama. Were it not for the poor directing, gloomy environment and shallow script, this would have made an inspiring movie. ***

I've always loved QVC. I don't know what it is, but I find it comforting to listen to in the background, and David Venable is my all-time favorite QVC "character," so of course I was going to watch this movie. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a very funny movie, in a way that makes it almost a parody of a Hallmark movie, and it really worked! The acting from the two main characters was good, as were the daughter and the mother. I also thought the mayor was very funny (yes he was over-the-top, but it was on purpose). David has a few lines and only appears inside the hot chocolate stand, but it was nice to see him. He was credited as having created the story & I think he did well. This movie was very cute and fun, and I would watch this one again next year!

We really enjoyed the humor in the movie and the cheeky dialogue poking fun at these "hallmark" holiday movies. The mayor character was great as he was tongue in cheek over the top and was meant to be. Finally a holiday movie that not taking itself seriously. Much better than any of this years so far hallmark Christmas movies we have watched that are interminably formula driven about people in huge houses, impeccably decorated, with stupid problems. The last movie hallmark movie Haul out the Holly was so bland and disappointing as love Lacey Chabert, that would watch Holly and the Hot Chocolate over again and again bf watch that one again! Looking forward to more Pine Falls stories and waiting for our David's hot chocolate to arrive! 041b061a72

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